Friday, October 12, 2007

Green Light for Home

How ironic that we'll be going home after exactly 1 month! What a birthday present for our little bug!

We got the green light from Dr. Fixler this morning to make the trip. They hooked all his monitors up again and let him sit in his car seat for about an hour. He fussed quite a bit for about 10 minutes then promptly fell asleep. His chest x-ray and EKG looked good this morning. His white blood cell count looks so good that he'll have one less medication over the weekend until his next set of labs. We come back to the hospital on Mondays and Thursdays for another few months for labs, x-rays, and more. Next Thursday, he'll meet the Board of Trustees and try to impress them into giving more money to the heart transplant program.

By the time we get everything set, our medications gathered, and all the doctors into see him, it will be late afternoon before we're on the way back to Plano. We'll be sure to post some new pictures once we get there. Thanks again to all of the surgeons, doctors, nurses, and staff for getting Keegan well enough to be going home after just one month of life and three weeks post-transplant. Also thanks to every one of you for following us through this difficult time. As we've said many times before, this is just the first hurdle in a long journey, and we'll be honored if you continue to follow us and pray with us as we travel it. Next post from home sweet home!