Monday, October 22, 2007

Gaining Ground

Sounds like Maddie and Keegan had a good doctors visit this morning. We are still on the every Monday and Thursday for our transplant clinic routine. Anyway, Keegan went for blood labs, a chest x-ray, and an EKG. The doctors seem pleased with Keegan's progress. He weighted in at a whopping 6lbs 3oz. That is up by 3 oz since last Thursday. They are pleased with the fact that he is gaining but now they would like to see him keep gaining. Apparently Keegan is at the bottom of the normal weight range for his age. They would like to see him continue to pack on the pounds.

His labs came back alright. They did up his magnesium supplement today and they also upped the amount of Prograf (an immune suppressant) that he is given. They will continue to slowly raise the level of the Prgraf until they get him into the range he needs to be. According to the labs he still doesn't need to be on the other immune suppressant called Cellcept. All total it sounds like we are on 10 drugs and 2 supplements.

Maddie and I are doing well. Maddie spends most of her days trying to bring some order to Keegan's hectic schedule. It sounds like today she was on the phone with three different pharmacies trying to find the best prices or the right kinds of medications. I am back at work. This is the start of my second week back and it is already very busy. I just want to pass along a thanks for everyone who has been checking in on the site, calling or emailing us. We really appreciate all the support and love you have shown our families.

...Until the next update...