Friday, September 28, 2007

Yeah for a Good Day!

Again, nothing major happened today, but it was overall a really good day for Keegan. The doctors weaned the meds and ventilator a little bit more. They increased his formula to 3 ccs or milliliters per hour, and they took his foley (urine catheter) out. So that means dirty and wet diapers for Mama and Daddy - yes, we're actually doing normal parent things on day 16! All his kidney functions are looking good still. The best news of all was that the echo they did of the clot in his heart showed it was definitely smaller. It also showed that the pressures in the right side of his heart are much more normal. These are all good steps in the right direction. Dr. Leonard and Dr. Guleserian (the surgeons) seemed extremely happy with his progress. Dr. Ramaciotti (the cardiologist) was so excited about Keegan's echo results today that he couldn't leave for the night without checking in with us again.

The swelling has come down a bit more, and if he continues to be "negative" over the weekend like he has been, he may look normal again by Monday. We have acquiesced to the demands of Keegan's adoring fans and posted a few pictures. While we appreciate everyone wanting to keep up with his progress, please understand that you probably wouldn't want pictures of a swollen you posted to the world on the internet either. We're trying to protect him and remember the good things. Keep praying for continued progress, and there will surely be more pictures to come!

Lastly, I wish I had time to respond to each of you to tell you how much we appreciate your prayers and support. You have kept us sane and bolstered our spirits so that we can be there for Keegan. He still has a very, very long road ahead of him, and we hope that you will each continue with us as we travel it. You each mean so much to us and to Keegan. Your prayers have brought Keegan this far, and we know that they will take him much farther. Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts!