Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sorry it has been so long between updates. I got home and in bed around 6am and just made it back to the hospital around 3pm. Maddie has been with him that entire time and will be going back shortly to some much deserved rest. I think she got just a touch of sleep but it is hard to tell if it did any good.

Right now the doctors are with Keegan performing a very minor procedure at his bedside. They are removing his stomach drain and trying to patch around that area to keep it from draining into the rest of his chest cavity. They are also taking the arterial line from his umbilical stump, and I believe they are going to relocate it to his leg. With less overall lines in him, he has better chances of fighting off infection.

He looks like he is doing alright. His potassium levels are higher than they would like to see and but that can be expected since he has barely been out of surgery. They are using four different drugs to control that and bring his body swelling down. They will also put in a PD catheter for future dialysis in case they need it.

Anyway, it is good to see him and to see that little heart beat.