Saturday, September 22, 2007


They tried to put in the arterial line this afternoon but they still couldn't get it in. His little veins are just too small. Anyway, they opted instead to pull his umbilical line about half way out so it isn't as far into his heart. Eventually they will need to get that new arterial line in because the umbilical line has been there since he was born.

They also opted to wait on the peritoneal dialysis until maybe tomorrow. His afternoon labs didn't really improve but they didn't really get worse either. The encouraging thing is our little man has been peeing like a raise hoarse. That is the encouraging thing.

He has been up and active lately. Maddie and Jerry are planning to stay with him tonight. I believe Martha and Alex will be here during the day tomorrow. I will have the watch tomorrow night. Thank you for the support and prayers. We will update you if anything else happens.

Thanks, Gray