Saturday, September 22, 2007


Maddie and I have enjoyed sharing the day with Keegan. He has had a pretty quiet day up until now. At the present time they are going to make another attempt to move his arterial sensing line. The arterial line can be used for applying intravenous medication and it can also be used for sensing arterial pressure from the heart. Presently it is in his navel and they are worried that leaving it there may interfere with the peritoneal dialysis if they choose to do it. They will attempt to put the new arterial line in his arm or maybe even his leg. They had attempted to do it yesterday but were having trouble finding a line big enough to go through. They told us that if they were not success for in putting the new line in then they would take his umbilical line and draw it a little further out of the heart. Anyway, it all should take very long.

Other than that we are just enjoying our time with Keegan. I will give an update later. Maybe after his labs come in and we hear how his kidney function is holding up.

Have a good Saturday and we will talk to you again soon.