Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I think we can now consider it successful. The transplant Dr just came out and said that his new heart is a snappy heart and that they are not even having to use the pace wires. They were really impressed with how well it went. They should wheel him out shortly. We will be able to see him briefly and then we will need to get him set in the ICU room.This will make Keegan the youngest and smallest heart transplant at this hospital... I don't know what the national records are but who knows.Anyway, we just need to stave off infection and make sure that his kidneys and brain function stay on the up and up.Thank you all for your support. I really do want to thank all of you who stayed up late with us. It really has been amazing. Maddie and I really do feel blessed by this gift that we have been given. We also want to keep the family of the donor in our thoughts and prayers. That truly is the ultimate sacrifice and gift. More updates to come... but if you think you can actually get some rest... you should. Otherwise I hope to have some pictures for you!