Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Good Morning All,

I just made it back to the hospital. Maddie says he had a quiet night for the most part. They did give him a blood transfusion last night after trying to get the line in his femoral artery (Thank you everyone who has given blood... didn't think we would need it for something like this but). They needed to get his fluid balance back up after all the "peeing" the kid had been doing. His kidneys have slowed that pace down a little. That is normal after have a procedure done. The good news is his kidney labs are still showing a steady trend for improvement. If that keeps up I think everyone will be able to breath easier. In the meantime we are waiting for a chest echo or maybe a sono-gram... Either way we are waiting for them to take another look and then decide what the plan of the day should be. I will be back here with an update when I have one.

Thanks, Gray