Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Good news... Keegan is at the top of the transplant list. Yeah... =)I was able to spend some good time with Keegan this morning. Labs from last night all came in good. The Kidney function showed the same even though he hasn't had much urine output. All and all they are reporting no real change in his condition which is good because he has been very responsive and doesn't seem to show any real pain.At lunch time the did put a "NG" tube through his nose that goes to his stomach. They will be able to suction the air that has collected in his stomach (typical with a breathing tube). After making sure that all the air is out of his stomach then they will also start feeding through the that tube to start trying to train his stomach. I'll make sure I post that they have started feeding him that way. When they went to put the tube in they did put extra pain medication in him to make him sleep through it.To come later: I will also have some blood bank news for everyone who is asking to donate blood for Keegan. Thanks!