Monday, September 17, 2007


Hey Everyone...I had the night shift and all went well. We had a good night and Keegan was very responsive. We watched football highlights together in the room and I gave him some play by play. I think we may have a Cowboy fan.He was able to get some good sleep light night. He slept off and on between mid-night and 5AM. They gave him a sponge bath and checked all his fittings. He stayed awake until My Grandmother (Anna) came into relieve me. He managed to nap some more after that. From what we can tell he is very alert and active. They have put him back on a steady drip of sedation because he was waiving his arms a little too much. The nurse's called it "trying to help."Mom went to the Doctor this morning and they were pleased with her condition. They stressed that she still needed to take it easy and focus on her health. She made it to the Hospital about 30 minutes ago. She is in his room now spending time with him. He is wide eyed and responsive. From what I can tell they are going too prep him for his "testing." They will start to decrease the capacity of the ECMO to see how his lungs and heart will do. We have high hopes that it will go well but we are taking this all one step at a time. Although there is no data to point him in this direction yet, the doctors have placed him on the heart transplant list. Their concern is to get him on the list early in case there is a need for a new heart. He can be taken off the list at anytime, but as you know the hearts are given in a "first come - first serve" manner. Thanks for all the prayers. We will keep updating.