Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sorry about not posting a morning Blog... Maddie and I both went back last night to grab some sleep. It really did work out well too. We got a good dinner in us, grabbed about 8hrs of sleep and had a nice breakfast. We both made it to the Hospital at about 11AM.As for Keegan... so far so good. He is still on 100% ECMO capacity in preparation for being weened off it slightly tomorrow. The focus today is to get as much rest as possible. They said his kidney function is starting to look on the up and up. The ultra-sound of his brain showed no new bleeding (that is very good). They also lifted him up earlier to check for any skin irritation and didn't see any. He is completely off pain medication and says that from everything they can tell he is very comfortable. They can give it to him if he needs it but so far he is sleeping comfortably as he should be (like a 4 day old should).Today will also be Great Grandparent's Day. My father's parents, Lee and Judy, came from Winters TX and were able to meet Keegan. In a few hours my mom's mother, Anna, will arrive from Salado TX and be able to meet Keegan for the first time.

Look for more pictures to come...