Thursday, September 13, 2007

Surgery Update 2

The two pediatric cardiologists came out with an update. It appears that after taking Keegan off the heart and lung machine to study that the heart they found an irregularity. There is one other valve in the heart that looks restricted. They aren’t too sure why yet and it didn’t seem restricted in all of their pre-surgery testing. It is sometime common for the valves to catch a stitch (from maybe patching the ventricle holes) and kink the size of the orifice. They have had ten different doctors come in to try and troubleshoot the problem.In the meantime they are going to put Keegan on the heart and lunch machine and go in and see what they can find. They are thinking that they may have an update in a half hour. We will see.All in all they said this was not bad news but it wasn’t good news either. Keep him in your prayers.