Saturday, September 29, 2007

Starting off to a good weekend

Why is it that babies will do great things as soon as their moms turn away for a second? ;) Gray convinced me to sleep in a little bit this morning since I have the night shift tonight and will be there during the weekend days too. Of course, when I called to check in (the nurses must hate me when I'm not there because I call every 30 minutes!), Gray said that the doctors decided during morning rounds to try to wean Keegan completely off the ventilator by tomorrow evening! He's off the epi completely (that's the adrenaline type drug that keeps the heart "snappy"), and they're going to increase his feeds slowly over the day to 4 ccs/hour. The formula is given through the ng tube down his nose, which is the yellow tube you see in the pictures. He has switched to different pain killers and seems much more comfortable than a few days ago.SO, please pray today that Keegan tolerates coming off the ventilator well and can be extebated by tomorrow evening. That is a HUGE step, not only medically but also towards us being able to hold him for the first time. He will also have to tolerate the increased feeds so that he doesn't choke when he comes off the ventilator. Isn't the power of prayer amazing? Keegan can do this, and you are each helping him get there! We'll update again later this evening.