Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Morning Update

Good morning everyone! Keegan had a good night. It was pretty quiet. His Grandpa Jerry stayed with him last night and it sounded like a good time. Jerry brought the original version of "3:10 to Yuma." Apparently that was Keegan's introduction to the old time western. Maddie just went back to see him and he seemed to be in good spirits. They just started performing an EKG and a chest ECHO on him. It sounds like he may make a temporary visit to the third floor "Cath" Lab. They will perform a catheterization to see how his pulmonary function is holding up. According to his surgeon this is a pretty normal screen before a transplant. No new news on the transplant front. We have our beeper from the transplant staff and we are still praying and waiting. (You can believe as soon as I know something on that front that it will be posted right away.) Keep praying and I will be back too update you soon.Gray


Many of you have also asked for direction regarding what specifically we should pray for, and so each day, I will try to update and narrow our prayer focus:1) For a new, healthy heart for Keegan within the next 2 weeks2) For the positive results of his cath lab today, meaning that his lungs can support a new heart.Lastly, the doctors informed us yesterday that we were misinformed before as to whether his heart could recover from the hematoma and resume normal function. It is not an impossibility, but the likelihood is extremely slim. Even if the bleeding stopped and reduced, he would have to continue to be on ECMO while it recovered and that would probably take too much time on support. However, while we are praying for miracles anyway, it won't hurt to pray for one more! Thanks again to everyone.Maddie