Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Morning Update

Keegan had a pretty stable night. He and I (Mama) spent a lot of time together. He slept a lot, and I prayed a lot. Good for both of us. We are still trying to let him get some sleep and much needed rest. He has been kinda upset for a few hours despite being back on a fentanyl drip, so the doctors will give him a "boost" of a different pain medication. Most importantly, he has not had any urine output since yesterday. It sounds silly, but we really need him to keep urinating. This tells us that his kidneys are still capable of functioning once he receives a pumping heart. If his kidneys fail, then we cannot accept a donor heart. Kidney transplants are not an option on newborns, and he could not survive the three years it would need before he would be big enough for new kidneys. Gray and I will be working on some of the "business" aspects of transplantation today, including contacting COTA, a fundraising organization for transplant families. Once we get more information on that, we will let you know.Our prayer requests for now are: (1) a new, healthy heart for Keegan within the next 2 weeks and (2) continuing kidney and neurological functioning.