Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mid-Day Update

Hey Everyone...Keegan is doing alright. I just got back from seeing him. He went in for a CT Scan this morning and we haven't received the full results yet but they did say that the bleeding was more than likely less than it was yesterday. Good news. They have him off the sedation and he is starting to respond to touch. I was able to see his eyes open just a little. (Sorry.. no camera) Very cute. He is moving his arms around and feet. He will move just a little... then nap. They said they will sedate him a little more later. They don't really want him to exert himself right now.In the meantime we are going to meet again with one of the surgeons later. Just to go over the data that we have now and see how everything stands. Pictures to follow soon... And I promise I will start writing about the ECMO...