Friday, September 21, 2007

Good Night

Today ended up being a very good day. Keegan started coming out of his sedation and was opening his eyes. We were able to hold his hand and feel him squeeze back. We had some success on the kidney front too. He was able to go three times more in one hour than he went sometimes in an entire day. They said that they were happy with the quantity but would like to see his kidneys filter more. They are feeling that the kidneys will function well; it will just take time. His head scan from yesterday went well. The early look thought that they might have seen some new bleeding but a second opinion ruled that out quickly. He had a chest echo this afternoon, and even though we haven’t had the official result back yet, they seem to be very pleased with the various different pressures around his heart.

All in all, we will say today was a good day and keep hoping for more. There are still a lot more improvements that we need to see. The next big milestone will more than likely come on Monday when they might close his sternum and suture his chest. Not sure on an exact date for that, but it is good news when they can go ahead and get him closed up.

Tonight his Oma (Linda) has the watch and has already had fun reading to him. They tried to watch the OU vs Tulsa football game but apparently he doesn’t have much taste for OU Football or maybe he just doesn’t like a blow out.

I have gotten word that there has been a lot of response to the need for blood. Maddie and I would like to thank everyone has taken the time to donate. We have been told that we will never know when he may need more. Thank you all so much!

Also, I have been asked to post more current pictures. Maddie and I have decided to hold off on that for now. He can’t have a blanket over him right now and until they close his chest, we rather not share those photos. Believe me… there will be plenty of cute pictures to come.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. I wanted to apologize for not posting as often as well. Now that we can spend more time in his room, we are not around the computer as much. We can use our computer in his room, but we can not get online while in the ICU. It was nice to hear that so many people were trying to keep up. I will make sure we continue to keep people updated.Everyone have a good night…

Maddie and I will be at the hospital in the morning, and Maddie will have the night shift tomorrow night.

Take care, Gray