Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Donate Blood for Keegan

Blood donation plan for Keegan!!!!We’ve fielded many of questions from friends, family and co-workers who want to know when they can donate blood for Keegan. We’ve discussed this with the heart transplant team at Children’s Medical Center and have finalized how we would like to proceed. Keegan has O+ blood. Because of the uncertainty of when the transplant will take place, we’ve decided to use the blood from the supply at Carter Blood Care (that is also the hospital’s preference). Because of that, anyone of any blood type can donate in Keegan’s name. Any blood donation will count as a credit to his account and will defer the blood and or blood products that he has already used.Carter Blood Care covers the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and may have collection centers in other areas. There website is and it has information about locations and hours. If you do donate, you will need to advise them of the following information:

•Credit for Keegan Harrison
•at Children’s Medical Center – CV ICU (Dallas).
•His birth date is 9/12/07. They will need all of that info to make sure it is credited to the correct account.
Please let us know if you have donated. Obviously, any blood over and above what Keegan has already used or will use will still go to help many critically ill patients in the area – so please give. If you have any questions you can also email me at gharrison@huffmansystems.comWe continue to be amazed at the concern and generosity of those who have reached out to us. Thank you on behalf of Keegan and our families.

NOTE: Blood donations in Keegan's name are still needed. Please consider making a donation in Keegan's name at your local Carter Blood Care center.

If you don't live in the D/FW area, please just make a donation at your local blood bank and think of Keegan while you are making it! He won't get credit for the donation, but you'll help someone else and feel better doing it!!!!

thanks - Keegan's family