Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Afternoon Update

Hey Everyone.I wanted to let you know that Maddie and I were able to follow the caravan of equipment from the 2nd Floor to the 3rd Floor Catheterization Lab. His procedure will begin in the next few minutes and will take one to two hours. They will enter vessel through his neck that will lead to the right side of the heart. The catheter will have a camera that will take various pictures of some of the pulmonary function in that area. They will also inject a dye and watch how it travels to the lungs. We were able to make the trip with him up the elevator. They had him knocked out for the ride because I am sure it would have been a little stressful. It took nine people to move Keegan and all his equipment. It really was an amazing trip.Keep Keegan in your prayers as always and Maddie and I will fill you in as soon as we have had a chance to sit with the doctors and discuss it.Thanks, Gray