Saturday, September 15, 2007

Afternoon Update

Keegan has been doing well. We have been making trips back to see him and we really do see a lot of activity out of him. His eyes are closed most of the time but then you will hold his hand and he will flutter his eyes. It is pretty cool to see.We met with the surgeon just to talk and go over things. There are still a lot of unanswered questions. We mostly spent time going over what had happened and what they were looking for. Right now he is on 100% capacity for the ECMO. They are really going to try to let him rest and recoup until maybe Monday where they will see how his lungs and heart will react under more load. They are hoping that once his own heart has to pump more then it will provide the pressure to make his kidneys start working harder. We really are in a wait and see mode where they are collecting data to know if he is improving or staying the same. For now it is just a waiting game. I can say that today has been a much better day for us then the past few days. Everyone seems to have more of a smile on their face today and a better over all spirit. Thank you all for the well wishes and show of support. We will continue to keep everyone updated.